How to use Kodi on Firestick | Area 51 tutorial

Kodi on Firestick
In this guide, you will learn step by step about how to install Kodi on Fire TV stick and Fire TV Cube. Moreover, this method is also applicable to Fire televisions.
Also, this tutorial is applicable for the newest Fire Stick 4k streaming device which is very popular now a day.
By installing Kodi on fire stick you will be able to see free movies, seasons, channels, games, and much more.
TROYPOINT has listed Kodi as one of the best Applications.
As Kodi is not accessible on the Amazon app store, we will still use a trick to install it onto our gadget. To install it we will be using a method to jail break fire stick which will let us watch thousands of free Shows, movies, news, sports, and much more.
Till now Kodi 18.7 Leia is considered as the steadiest version. This post will be updated continuously to update you with the latest Kodi versions.
To install Kodi on Fire TV and Fire stick, I have shown three methods below.
According to me, the 1st technique is the easiest one because it takes less than 2 minutes and the PC is not needed in the method.
This technique works on all gadgets: 1st Generation (Fire TV Stick and Fire TV), 2nd Generation (Fire TV Stick and Fire TV), Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Stick 4k.
A tutorial with a screenshot is also provided below the video.
Note: It is important that you should use VPN to install apps that are not verified by the Amazon App Store because there are limitations for installing non-official apps by the Amazon app store.
Tutorial to Install Kodi on Fire Stick
In this guide, you will learn step by step about a method that includes using a downloader app to install Kodi on Fire Stick and how to install Kodi on Fire TV.
You can download Kodi and many other apps by using the downloader app.
Downloader is an app installer used to download thousands of applications, including Kodi, to your Fire device.

  1. Step-1

Hover mouse onto Settings

  1. Step-2

Go to the Fire TV in the settings

  1. Step-3

Go to the Developer options in the settings

  1. Step-4

In the Developer, options go to Unknown Sources and in their turn on apps

  1. Step-5

Type downloader in the search icon on the top-left side of the screen

  1. Step-6

Select downloader with the orange icon

  1. Step-7

Click Download to start the downloading

  1. Step-8

After downloader is installed click to open

  1. Step-9

Click on allow

  1. Step-10

Click on ok

  1. Step-11

Open the keyboard by clicking on the OK button and then type This is the address of the Kodi version 18.7. The downloading process will start after you will type the address

  1. Step-12

After downloading Kodi click on install in its setup page

  1. Step-13

After Clicking on install installing will begin for Kodi

  1. Step-14

After it is installed click on done button

  1. Step-15

After Kodi is installed you can delete its installation file to free up space. Click on delete for deleting the file.

  1. Step-16

After clicking on delete; click on delete again to fully remove it.

  1. Step-17

Click on see all under Channels and Apps category on the Home Screen of Fire Stick

  1. Step-18

Click on horizontal three lines on the Fire Stick and then Click on move to the front.

Note: Due to a recent update it is possible that you won’t be able to move your app to the front of the screen.

  1. Step-19

Move the shortcut of Kodi to the list where you would like to place it and then click on the OK button. This will move the Kodi on the front of the screen in your Fire TV Stick.

  1. Step-20

After Kodi is placed on the front screen Click on Launch and then click Continue

  1. Step-21

After that Click on Allow

  1. Step-22

After this Kodi will start loading.

  1. Step-23

Congratulations now Kodi 18.7 is installed and running on your Fire stick, Fire TV or Fire TV Cube


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